Our Approach

At Jam School, we take a different approach to music lessons. We focus on performance based musical education, which means that the goal for each and every student is to get on stage and perform. The result? Our students develop a strong love of live music which increases creativity and fosters friendships with other musicians.

Focusing on performance also results in a greater self confidence which can be seen in students of all ages. This confidence carries over to all aspects of life; public speaking, social interactions, career development, and more.

Our Band Program

We love building bands by matching students of similar age, ability, and musical interests. With almost 40 bands taking lessons with us each week we get our students involved in learning the ropes of live performance at shows throughout that year. Our bandsĀ  have performed at numerous festivals and venues like Hillside, Gainfest, Elora Ice Jam, and the Guelph Multicultural Festival. We also run monthly shows at Van Gogh’s Ear downtown Guelph and at our in-house venue the Hanlon Creek Theatre.

If you would like to learn more about Jam School’s performance based approach, get in touch with us today.