Our Teachers

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Angela Monkhouse – voice, piano

Bronwen Olson – voice, guitar, ukulele, theory and song-writing, keyboards

Dan Loughrin – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Dave Antonini – piano, guitar, bass, drums

Derica Scott – piano, voice, flute, guitar, ukulele, band

Emily Aussem – piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, bass, band

Emma Bortolon-Vettor – guitar, piano, band

Garnet Abel – guitar, bass, ukulele, band

Ian Bain – guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, band

John Vella – drums, theory

Kristen Germann – piano

Laura Bailey -voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, theory, improv, band

Marc Mongrain – bass, keyboards, guitar, drums, band, recording, live sound

Maria Peppler – violin, fiddle, guitar

Mikaela Bennett – voice, guitar, ukulele, piano

Spencer Arn – drums

Steve Richards – guitar, bass, drums, band

Steve Thoms – guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, saxophone, band

Steve Zuccala – drums

Thomas Hammerton – classical/jazz piano, keyboards

Tyler Belluz – Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Piano

Dan Drysdale – Vice Principal

Tyler Bridge – bagpipes, band