Alexandra Delle Donne has been singing classically for eleven years, and studies with Frédérique Vézina. In the past she has performed with the COC in La Bohème, and Carmen due to her participation with the Canadian Children’s Opera Company (CCOC) in Toronto. Alexandra was with the CCOC for six years performing in numerous operas and concerts such as, The Magical Land of Og, Laura’s Cow, and Dickens of a Christmas.

Alexandra is also a former student of JamSchool and sang in several JamSchool bands before heading off to post secondary education at the University of Toronto where she completed a voice degree.

When she is not performing in operas and choral events, Alexandra enjoys competing in numerous voice competitions, such as NATS, ORMTA, and Guelph Kiwanis. In 2013 and 2014 she came in first place for the ORMTA Provincials Grade 9+ in Toronto, as well as achieving first place for the NATS provincial Women’s Junior Division in 2013 and 2014 in Indiana, and Michigan. In 2015 she won first place in the ORMTA regionals, and in 2016 had the pleasure of performing at the Sicilia Canta where she embraced her Sicilian heritage.