Emily Aussem

Emily teaches piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele in a variety of contemporary genres.  She is an active composer and producer, always writing and recording music for her solo projects.  She encourages students to learn songs they love, but also be open to trying new stuff they’ve never heard before.
Emily has a wide range of performance experience; from earlier classical music exams and showcases to busking in Elora and St. Jacobs, and has recently started playing her electronic music live around Guelph and in the area.
Here is what Emily has to say about teaching at JamSchool:

“I want my students to become comfortable enough with their instrument so they have a reliable tool for when they inevitably get the itch to create and share a piece of work.  It’s very rewarding to see a shift in confidence in class and on stage as they become more familiar with their instrument and their abilities!

I admire our team of musicians for their creativity and unique skills, and their dedication to showing their students how to put music together.  I get inspired and learn so much from the musicians around me, and always try to pass that forward to my students.”

Teaches: piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, electronic music, band

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