Scott Hanenberg teaches guitar, piano, music theory, composition, and digital music making and mixing. Scott recently completed his PhD in Music Theory at the University of Toronto, writing a dissertation about rock drumming. He is published in Music Theory Online  and has given papers at conferences all across North America.

While teaching at the University of Toronto as a graduate teaching assistant, Scott served as president of the Music Graduate Students’ Association. Scott has also taught music theory at Recording Arts Canada in Toronto and at Georgia State University.

Scott’s experience as an audio engineer comes from his work at Grayson Matthews, and from freelance work with artists like Megan Bonnell and Daniella Nardi. Scott has performed and recorded with The C’mons and has released an EP under his own name entitled “Darn That Dream.”

Here is what Scott has to say about teaching at JamSchool:

People who make music are the best people. The most compassionate, insightful, and complex people I have met are musicians, and the teachers and students who come through JamSchool exemplify this. The dedication and care required to learn an instrument are special qualities that everyone could benefit from cultivating.

One of the most unique aspects of music is how multi-sensory it is. When we play an instrument, we are listening, reading music, counting, and working the instrument all at once. When I teach music theory, I work with students to build on their unique musical knowledge. I choose musical examples that we can play on piano or guitar and I encourage students at all levels to sing, because students are more engaged when they feel a connection to the music.

Most important to me, my students should expect to be both challenged and encouraged. I am passionate about music, and I take great joy in sharing with my students the richness and meaning I have experienced in my years of playing, recording, and studying.