Here are some testimonials from parents and students:

JamSchool is not just music lessons; it’s a music experience. JamSchool offers each music student the opportunity to apply their music and perform it. The degree of emphasis to support each student is heighten by the very nature of Dan and Robert’s own experience in the industry. Students transition from a student to performer. My child jumps at every chance she gets to be involved in JamSchool performances. Additionally, JamSchool provides the opportunity to develop skill sets for their students which are transferable to everyday life. It’s a positive and enriching experience both for the student and the family seeing the transition.

Carmela Delle Donne

Dear Jam School,

My daughter was interested in guitar and a family friend mentioned that their grandson was taking lessons at Jam School. I was happy to hear that the location of Jam School was so close to our home and convenience played a big part in our decision for our daughter to come there for lessons. I called and spoke with Dan about lessons. He was professional, friendly and answered all my questions and was able to fit her into a time slot that worked within our busy schedule. Our daughter was thrilled to be starting to learn some chords and it was only a couple of months before she was able to play a few songs. Dan was awesome about teaching her songs that she was interested in (sorry about all the Taylor Swift, Dan).

I can’t say enough about how quickly our daughter has learned quite a few songs and Jam School has given her several opportunities to perform and show off how much she’s learned! Our daughter has continued with her lessons for about a year and a half now and has also benefitted from voice lessons as well.

Thanks, Jam School!
Kim and Jeff Brenner

Jam School has given our son the chance to drum in a band — what an incredible opportunity for an 11 year old boy! The band members are all nice kids who have fun together, but practice hard and take the experience seriously. Band class is a highlight of our son’s week. He is motivated to practice, because he wants to play well for the band, and he finds the class exciting and challenging. Dan and Rob are personable, receptive to parental input, and committed to the children. They have arranged great performance opportunities at Fionn MacCool’s and the Hillside Inside Festival. This is all incredibly thrilling for our son and family. The Jam School experience has nourished our son’s confidence, self-esteem and love for music. Thank you, Jam School, for teaching the joy of music.

Lorna Muller

When my kids 9 and 10 wanted to learn how to play drums and keyboard I thought while I am here waiting I should see if I could take a lesson or two myself. Our first year Robert and Dan worked magic and had us in back to back lessons. They worked around our hockey schedule (both kids play). We had time to learn! That was 5 years ago. Since then I have learned how to play as well as both of my children. We never worry about scheduling as I know Dan and Robert will do their best. (all three of us in at the same time!) Dan and Robert make sure that the student/teacher chemistry matches so your child learns faster. They want the kids to have fun and they do. I have never had to remind my kids to practice. They enjoy it so they do. I have recommended JamSchool to many of my friends and have always been thanked for connecting them. Jamschool is the absolute best place to learn. Even for someone like myself who thought I’m too old to learn something new. You can teach and old dog how to play guitar!

Patti Schopp