Alpha Kayondo

Alpha started taking guitar lessons, and wrote his first song at the age of 5, began vocal lessons by age 6, and took up piano studies a year later. A member of the Guelph Youth Singers from 2002-2008, Alpha began to receive performance opportunities for local productions, as well as big-scale sessions, like 2008’s The Love Guru. Throughout his teen-hood, Alpha continued to pursue music and performance, landing a spot in a local band for 2 years as a writer, singer and keyboardist. Alpha studied under Marion Samuel-Stevens for voice, and Kevin Saltarelli for composition and music production. After finding his voice as a young MC, Kayondo decided that he would interweave his love for hip-hop and film score into his own compositions. For 3 years, Alpha participated in the Sears Drama Festival and received an award for an “outstanding composition” in the play, SKYS.

A current student at the University of Guelph, Alpha is a tenor in the Gryphon Singers chamber choir, and is working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a focus in music. Once a graduate, Alpha aims to pursue starting his own record label THE 107 & Eklectic Sound.